Swimming Pool Health and Safety Rules: 14 Golden Rules

When you do eventually go for that vacation, you will want to use all the facilities, including the resort’s swimming pool. However, do you know swimming pool health and safety rules to follow?

Well, probably yes, or perhaps not at all. Either way, don’t worry too much about it. It doesn’t matter where the hotel you are using is but the swimming pool health and safety rules are the same all over the world.

Here, we will tell you the most important swimming pool rules that you should always bear in mind. They are as follows:

Rule 1: Know the swimming pool rules

Every hotel swimming pool has its rules. Therefore, if you will use the facility, it is your mandate to find out their regulations. For instance, If they say you cannot swim after dark, you should not. If they say children should be accompanied for their own swimming safety, just adhere.

Rule 2: Obey the lifeguard

A resort’s swimming pool has a lifeguard standing around and keeping an eye on things. The same applies even for beach resorts. Always obey the lifeguard. If they say that you should not swim at a particular spot, do not.

Rule 3: No running on poolside

When looking for what are the 10 safety tips for swimming, one of them is that you should never run alongside the poolside. It is risky because it is slippery. Besides, you can bump into other people easily, in which case you will still be a risk to them. Always walk and mind your pace.

Rule 4: Read the signs

Most people ask: what should we do before swimming? Well, the first thing that you should do is to check around the swimming pool. You will find signs warning you not to dive in a particular area, not to run and so on. Just obey the signs for your own swimming pool safety.

Rule 5: Always look before diving

While the swimming pool looks alright, many things could always go wrong. For instance, there could be rocks or other objects in the pool. In addition, you do not want to dive too close to where the kids are swimming.

Rule 6: Don’t swim in the pool if you have a skin disease

Believe it or not, but this is not a discriminatory policy at all. If anything, it is for swimming pool safety rules and regulations. First, pool water has chlorine, which can aggravate wounds. Therefore, do not swim if you have open wounds.

Open wounds also leak and ooze fluids. Surely, for the swimming pool safety of other swimmers, you don’t want to swim if you have an open wound.

If you have a nasty cold or flu, do not go to the pool. The same applies if you have contracted Covid-19 and you have not been declared negative. There is no need to infect the other pool users.

Rule 7: Clean up first before hitting the pool

One of the safety rules for swimming pools is that you should always be clean before popping into the water. For instance, ensure you take a shower, and do not go into the pool with a dirty swimsuit.

Women should also gear up well if it is that time of the month. For instance, can you swim with tampons? These are some of the basic rules that we are discussing here.

Ensure your kids are clean too. A hotel swimming pool is not your private bathtub where you can pop in with all the day’s sweat.  Be mindful of other users too.

Rule 8: DON’T pee in the pool

Do your bathroom call moments before you enter the pool. You wouldn’t believe how many people pee in the pool.

Children also do it. However, warn them to go to the bathroom before they get into the pool. At the same time, tell them it is alright to get out of the pool to go to the bathroom. If you have a kid of diaper wearing age, make sure you use diapers recommended for swimming pools.

Rule 9: Don’t occupy all of the swimming pool with your family

If you have your family in the pool, do not keep crossing other people. This is a public facility and it would be better to keep to your lane so that all swimmers can enjoy.

Image of common swimming pool rules

Besides, fights break out easily when there is no mutual respect. Therefore, stay out of the lanes of other users.

Rule 10: Don’t use swimming equipment that you did not bring to the pool

Warn your children not to help themselves to swimming gear and equipment that looks abandoned at the pool. Its owners are close by.

Swimming items are quite personal, and so you don’t want to encroach that space. If you did not bring it, don’t take it and don’t use it.

Rule 11: Never sit or hang onto the lane dividers

Children are notorious for hanging or even sitting on the lane dividers. However, that should not be encouraged at all. Some pool users want to swim laps and when you sit on the dividers, you disrupt them.

Rule 12: Cover your hair

Women should cover their hair so that it is not floating all around them. The best way to do that is to wear a swimming cap. Hair strands also have the tendency of falling off and they can clog the drains of the pool easily. It is good hygiene to cover long hair.

Rule 13: No rough play from kids

The poolside is always a small space. Therefore, you should prevent your children from playing on the poolside and being all over other people’s space.

Rule 14: Don’t dive alone

First, always ensure that you are diving into the deep end. Many people have crushed their skulls on the pool floor by diving in the narrow end.

Second, do not dive unsupervised. Make sure you have someone close by.

Third, do not duck under water and hold your breath because it can lead to drowning.


These are just a few of the swimming pool health and safety rules. You should bear many more things in mind.

Finally, it is important to know your swimming skill level and never over-exert yourself. These public swimming pool safety rules and regulations can help you avert disaster. Just follow the common swimming pool rules to the letter.

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